Orthotics and prosthetics specialist Roger Wolfson shares an interesting perspective

Tom Cruise And Roger Wolfson, orthotics and prosthetics specialist – What Do They Have In Common And What Does This Have To Do With The Genius Behind E = Mc Squared?

‘Top Gun’ star Tom Cruise

Yes, this famous actor is one of ‘A few good men among many’.  Well-known screen star Tom Cruise made his mark with films such as ‘Risky Business’, ‘Top Gun’, ‘Valkyrie’, and ‘A Few Good Men’.  But, diagnosed with dyslexia at age seven, he struggled to complete his academic studies and as a result found his true calling when he took up acting.

orthotics and prosthetics specialist Roger Wolfson

Responsible for changing the lives of countless people with his expert skills and tireless dedication to his patients, Roger’s mission as an orthotics and prosthetics specialist is to do everything it takes to get his patients Walking comfortably.   Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia, Roger is the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to prosthetics.  Roger graduated in 1979 from the Technikon at JG Strydom then later went on to study for a BTech Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics from the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

The nature of dyslexia poses no barriers to achieving excellence

Dyslexia is characterised as a learning disability that can impair reading ability.  Often letters appear jumbled and a person diagnosed with dyslexia can feel overwhelmed by a simple page of text.  Estimates reveal that dyslexia affects between five and seventeen percent of individuals.  However, as we explore this topic, it becomes clear that dyslexics themselves have demonstrated that the nature of dyslexia poses no barriers to achieving excellence.  Fields such as acting, music, politics, science and even writing itself have all been conquered by dyslexics.

Scientist and historic figure Albert Einstein

E = mc squared – dyslexic genius in motion

The motion of the Universe in the mind of scientist and genius Albert Einstein is backed up by the Theory of Relativity.  A dyslexic, Albert Einstein often achieved poor marks in grade school and while working as a patent clerk he came up with his famoust equation, E = mc squared.  He was awarded numerous prizes for his scientific works including the Benjamin Franklin Medal, the Royal Astromonical Society Gold Medal and the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971.

Thank Steve Jobs for an Apple every day

If you are having at least one Apple every day, this would mean that you are possibly reading this article on an iPhone, iPad, iMac or some other Apple device, in which case you have Apple Computers genius Steve Jobs to thank.  Steve’s dyslexia never stopped him from attending college where he met Steve Wozniak.  They built a computer in the dorm and with a mere sum of USD 1300 as start up cash , in 1976 founded Apple Computers.  Of course, the rest is history.

A few good people among many of a long list of famous dyslexics

Richard Branson
Muhammad Ali
Keeanu Reeves
Robin Williams
Henry Winkler
Whoopi Goldberg
Ludwig van Beethoven

In my mind I can Imagine that even the members of ABBA would say ‘thank you for the music’ John Lennon

John Lennon

Last but not least, this famous musician and dyslexic needs no introduction.   As key member of the Beatles, his genius fueled songs such as ‘Imagine’ just one among many number one hits from the band that would change music forever.

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