If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in an orthotics and prosthetics laboratory read on……

Meet Terry Sharman: Lamination Technician

What you are likely to find in the laboratory of the orthotics and prosthetics specialist ranges from various interesting pieces of machinery, a vast array of orthotics and prosthetics devices, the likes of which most people have never encountered; and a dedicated team of extremely industrious individuals who are hard at work with a passion to deliver the best outcomes possible for every patient who enters the practice of an orthotics and prosthetics specialist like Roger Wolfson and Associates.  Oh, and not to mention Terry Sharman, a man with more than just an average dose of determination to get things right.  So, what exactly does Terry’s job entail?

orthotics and prosthetics

What does Terry’s job as Lamination Technician for Roger Wolfson and Associates entail?

Broadly speaking, one could say that Terry’s job requires not only skill and precision but an understanding of the needs of the patient as well as a sound grasp of Roger’s techniques and a working knowledge of how to get the technical aspects right when it comes to getting people Walking comfortably.

Terry’s role also can be described along the lines of what some may also call an orthotic or prosthetic technician otherwise known as an appliance technician.  Essentially, Terry will fit, maintain as well as repair orthotic and prosthetic devices under Roger’s guidance.  

  • Orthotic devices

Orthotic devices, or orthotics essentially consist of braces that are used to either correct physical defects such as deformities of he spine or support ineffective or otherwise weak muscles or joints. 

  • Prosthetic devices

Prosthetics, or artificial limbs are those devices that are designed for the patient and fitted by a prosthetist.  Terry’s job is to assist Roger in deciding what tools and materials should be used to make the prosthetic device.  Terry’s role also involves casting models of the residual limbs of patients, yet, a lot of what he does involves building the actual devices. 

Turning challenges and learnings into opportunities to improve the lives of others

It goes without saying that very patient that consults with Roger Wolfson and Associates is unique.  Therefore, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to making sure that specifications for each device are followed with precision and accuracy.  Every day in the workplace has its own set of challenges and learnings.  The trick is to turn them into opportunities to improve he lives of others wherever possible.

The emotional and mental health of the patient is of paramount importance

Taking into account the overall wellbeing of the patient when it comes to their emotional and mental health is also of paramount importance.  Therefore, at every turn, and under Roger’s artful wing, Terry applies his own blend of unique techniques, skills and knowledge in doing his part to ensure that no matter how the patient felt when they came in, they will leave better equipped in their quest towards Walking comfortably. 

A man of many talents with a quest to exceed patient requirements

So, one could say that Terry is indeed a man of many talents.  This former motor mechanic combines his technical skills with his artistic abilities to deliver top quality work and is a dedicated enthusiast when it comes to assisting Roger in fulfilling the task of ensuring that his craft more often than not exceeds patient requirements.  As well as working as a Lamination Technician for Roger Wolfson and Associates Terry is also working towards completing his certificate in Technical Orthotics and Prosthetics through the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).   Terry has two children and enjoys motor cycling and skateboarding.

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