Roger Wolfson and Associates offers the widely acclaimed ANITA range of breast care products.B

This informative article  Breast prosthetics: Keeping in form with the feminine form describes the various types of breast prosthetics and specialist Jenny Jordan (S.E.N.) shares her knowledge and expertise in choosing this option as opposed to undergoing reconstructive surgery

It comes as no surprise that, to a large extent, many women suffer from loss of self-esteem as a result of having undergone a mastectomy. Some women even feel ashamed of their appearance.  This need not be the case since, for women who opt for external breast prosthetics options, modern technology has a great deal to offer and delivers significantly exceptional results.   The most up-to-date innovations included in the ANITA range take into account individual needs and represent a reliable, confident choice.

The ANITA range offers a wide variety of breast prosthetics products designed to cater for individual needs:

  • Including a correctly-fitted prosthesis and support bra.
  • Designed to cater for women who have undergone a radical mastectomy, partial mastectomy or lumpectomy.
  • Including the fitting of compression sleeves to address conditions involving lymph oedema.
  • Developed in such a way as to combine natural design with extreme comfort that results in the concealment of uneven tissue and gently compensates for lack of volume.
  • Specially developed for sensitive skin.

Lingerie and swimwear

Dr Christine Weber-Unger, a key figure when it comes to the creation of a range of lingerie and swimwear designed to cater for women who have undergone breast surgery, made great strides in learning about the requirements of women with special figure needs.  To this day, her vision has inspired continuous research and development and even greater enhancements to the ANITA Care range of breast forms and related lingerie and swimwear.

ANITA Care breast forms are manufactured in Bad Tölz, Upper Bavaria. ANITA Care is the only manufacturer in the world that also makes silicone breast forms that include a breathable, textile micro-fibre backing.


  • A soft, natural silicone material is used to ensure secure, pleasant comfort
  • The temperature of the material adjusts to body temperature
  • The weight, texture and movement of the silicone notably resembles that of natural breast tissue
  • Completely skin-friendly

Most often, all it takes to find the right support and understanding is only a phone call away. Roger Wolfson and Associates are accredited breast prosthetics specialists, ready to answer any questions or address specific concerns.  Contact Jenny on 011 640 7198 to schedule an appointment.