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Above knee prosthetics

Prostheses concerning above knee prosthetics consist of a custom-made socket combined with a supportive frame, knee unit, pylon, and foot. Sometimes a suspension sleeve or harness may also be necessary. The Prosthetic Knee System Of all prosthetic components that are concerned with above knee prosthetics, the knee system is arguably the most complex. It should […]

Through hip prosthetics

Introduction to through hip prosthetics For the trans femoral (including hip and knee disarticulation also known as through hip prosthetics) amputee, successful function depends on: The correct choice of knee relevant to age Health Activity levels and lifestyle             The latest technology or most advanced knee is not necessarily the […]

Upper Limb Prosthetics

Introduction to upper limb prosthetics Prosthetic arms or upper limb prosthetics can be inert, body-powered or bionic. The inert type of prosthetic arm is not activated and therefore serves a cosmetic function only. A body-powered prosthesis uses existing body motion to activate a movement device. The most common form of body-powered upper limb prosthetics is […]

From surgery to rehabilitation to the fitting of your prosthesis – The journey: part 2

From surgery to rehabilitation to the fitting of your prosthesis – The journey: part 2 – Learning about prosthetic limbs and their technicalities Modern prosthetics work so effectively nowadays and look so convincing that often, you may not be able to detect that one is being worn.  Those with prosthetic legs can often walk, run […]

From surgery to rehabilitation to the fitting of your prosthesis – the journey: part 1

The aim of this two-part article is to offer a concise overview of your journey towards your ultimate goal of a successful prosthetic outcome – that is, to restore your mobility. So that you can lead an active and normal life, your therapy team, which includes doctors, therapists your prosthetist and not to mention you […]

Immediate Post-Operative Prosthetics

Roger Wolfson has received tremendous acclaim where it pertains to the use of the Immediate Post-Operative Prosthesis (IPOP) Immediate Post-Operative Prosthesis (Ipop)technique for leg amputations. This technique involves the application of a rigid cast immediately post-surgery while the patient is still in the operating theater, and the attachment of a prosthesis soon thereafter, enabling the patient […]