Are you walking with difficulty?

Berfor we examine the likely causes that lie behind a painful prosthesis, let us first highlight the background details.  While various levels of amputations are carried out, by far, the most common involve:

Below knee (trans tibial)  

Above knee (trans femoral)

No matter the amputation level, there is a great deal your dedicated prosthetist can do to diagnose and employ the right measures in order to alleviate any painful prosthesis conditions associated with prosthetic use.

At Roger Wolfson and Associates, should a patient experience pain when using a prosthetic, a painful prosthesis, our pledge is to continue to remodify the prosthetic until such time as any painful conditions are eliminated.

There are two major factors involved in the cause of pain during prosthetic use:

•The prosthetic socket does not fit properly

•Incorrect alignment

No problem is too small to be addressed, should any pain be experienced during prosthetic use (painful prosthesis) there is always an underlying reason. In this regard, it is vital that a patient get in touch with their dedicated prosthetist and seek immediate attention in order to alleviate any painful conditions.

Should one become ill, this can cause a volume change within the prosthetic socket; and should this occur, the dedicated prosthetist will need to make immediate alterations to the prosthetic fitting in order to accommodate the change in volume.

The alignment of a prosthetic limb is of critical importance, especially in the case of a trans femoral (above knee) prosthesis, since, if it is not correctly positioned, walking with a poor gait will ensue.

Owing to the variety of different materials and techniques available in the construction of prosthetics, numerous options exist to ensure pain-free, comfortable use. Even the more costly knee or ankle prosthesis can be of little or no value should the prosthetic socket be ill-fitting or incorrectly aligned.

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