Introduction to knee braces

Knee braces are appliances used for knee support and protection

Knee braces and orthoses range from patella sleeves to protective braces. They are mainly used in sport and protect minor injuries from further damage which can result in injuries that need corrective surgery.

Most knee braces can be custom-made by Roger Wolfson.

JR OA Offloader 

The JR OA Offloader knee brace was designed to cater for medical conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is usually caused by a lack of joint space.  The JR OA Offloader knee brace was designed to absorb the pressure from the painful part of the knee by loading the pressure to the good part of the injured knee.  The JR OA Offloader knee brace helps to achieve normal functioning without pain and enables the removal of pain without the need for surgery.

Roger wearing his own creation the JR OA Off-loader knee brace

JR OA Off-loader knee orthosis

Standard Knee Sleeve (closed patella)

standard knee sleeve (closed patella) brace is used as Protective support of the knee ligaments.


  • 2mm Breath-O-Prene rubber sleeve.
  • Extra pad for added support and protection.
  • Unique Bent Knee design.
  • 30cm in length.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Does not impede circulation


  • Moderate pressure and joint support.
  • Prevention of turf and floor burns (wrestling, volleyball).
  • Joint support for mild strains.
  • Arthritis.
  • Ideal for sport (wrestling, judo and volleyball).

Altered Knee Sleeve Brace (open patella)

An Altered Knee Sleeve (open patella) brace is used as protective support of the knee ligaments.


  • Same features as the Standard Knee Sleeve, but has an open patella.
  • Allows the patella to rise and thus alleviate patellar pressure.
  • 30cm in length.


  • Chondromalacia patella.
  • Post Arthroscopy.
  • Other syndromes of Anterior knee pain (AKP).
  • Patella tracking disorders and instability.
  • Chondral and osteochondral disorders.
  • Traction Apophysitis.
  • Tendonitis, bursitis and synovitis

Performance Wrap Knee Braces

The Performance Wrap Knee Brace is a custom-fit knee brace that provides users with maximum support, compression and full range of motion. It is Ideal for minor strains, sprains, arthritic conditions and other knee injuries.  This brace utilises a four-way tensioning system that allows users to easily adjust tension to the patella and knee joint.