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Roger Wolfson and Associates

Does your prosthesis hurt? Are you walking with difficulty? Are you suffering from back pain or knee pain or from a sports injury and need a brace? With more than 40 years experience Roger is at the cutting edge of technology and will get you mobile in no time.

With a host of angels anything and everything is possible!

One day I hope to be President! states Malwande,  a confident and courageous nine-year-old boy with a prosthetic leg who attends Summerwood Primary School in Fairmount, Johannesburg. Malwande Mahlangeni Malwande, a new patient on board with Roger Wolfson and Associates since February 2017, was born with a congenital deformity known as Amniotic Band Syndrome, a rare […]



Testimonial:  Charmaine Pringle Says Charmaine:  ‘Thank you very much for the super pair of orthotics you made for me recently.  It is really great to be walking again!’ Testimonial:  Frank van Niekerk ‘I would like to thank Roger Wolfson and his wonderful team from the bottom of my heart that I can walk again.’ Says […]

Arch Supports

Introduction to arch supports          A quick and easy support          Arch Supports arch supports are  foot orthoses that supports the arch of the foot. Indications Arch Supports can be used as a corrective measure for walking and is an ideal solution that caters for a dropped arch or […]

Ankle and foot braces

Introduction to ankle and foot vraces (Ankle Foot Orthosis [AFO]) ankle and foot Braces (Ankle Foot Orthosis [AFO]) Various types of ankle and foot braces (Ankle Foot Orthosis [AFO]) are available.  The following is a brief description of each. Speed Brace The Speed Brace is an ankle and foot brace or Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) that […]

Arm and Shoulder Braces

Introduction There are a number of arm and shoulder braces that cater for a variety of needs, including: Post-operative Immobilizing sling Immobilizing sling lightweight Econo sling Post-operative arm and shoulder braces Post-operative arm and shoulder braces are arm/shoulder orthoses that are used to partially immobilize the upper limb area in order to enhance the post-surgery […]

Elbow braces

Introduction to elbow braces Supportive protective elbow braces Supportive and protective elbow braces are used to support and protect the elbow area of the arm due to minor injury. Softer elbow braces provide support to the elbow area in such a way as not to completely immobilize the arm, and are used mainly as protective […]

Knee Braces

Introduction to knee braces Knee braces are appliances used for knee support and protection Knee braces and orthoses range from patella sleeves to protective braces. They are mainly used in sport and protect minor injuries from further damage which can result in injuries that need corrective surgery. Most knee braces can be custom-made by Roger Wolfson. […]

Back and spinal braces

Introduction to back and Spinal Braces Back and spinal braces provide post-surgery back support and correctional posture support.  Back and spinal braces are available off the shelf as well as custom-made. The more solid form of back and spinal braces limit spine mobility and are ideal for post-surgery use. These types of brace are custom-made […]

Hip braces

Introduction to hip braces Hip Abduction Orthosis (hip brace) A hip abduction orthosis or hip brace is a brace used to treat hip dysplasia in infants. Features Effectiveness of the hip abduction orthosis or hip brace is based on the principle of using the seated squat position with flexion in excess of 90° combined with […]