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Roger Wolfson and Associates

Does your prosthesis hurt? Are you walking with difficulty? Are you suffering from back pain or knee pain or from a sports injury and need a brace? With more than 40 years experience Roger is at the cutting edge of technology and will get you mobile in no time.

Knee braces used in motor sports

Introduction to Knee braces used in motor sports Popular amongst bikers, certain knee braces are worn to protect and support the knee against harsh jarring (strenuous bumping of the knee joints, tendons and ligaments) experienced during competitive bike racing. Knee braces are mainly worn during off-road racing. Research indicates that 85% of all bikers will […]

JR OA Off-loader knee brace

Introduction to the JR OA Off-loader knee brace Designed and developed by Roger Wolfson and Associates Testimonial from Roger Wolfson himself “My name is Roger Wolfson. In my youth I was a keen judoka. I even represented south Africa in the 1977, 1981 and 1985 World Maccabi games. Unfortunately, knees don’t do well  in a […]

Cervical neck braces

Introduction to cervical neck braces Protective supportive cervical neck braces Protective supportive cervical neck braces are used to support the cervical area of the neck due to minor injury or surgery. Cervical neck braces are suitable for elderly people and those with high lesion fractures and also people suffering from Sherman’s Disease. Softer cervical neck […]

Prosthetic Components

Prosthetic components Introduction to prosthetic components When it comes to prosthetic components, by far, the most important device is the prosthetic socket. If the prosthetic socket does not function properly this leads to discomfort – in fact, every other device is useless if the prosthetic socket does not fit correctly. What follows is a brief, […]

Amputee Rehabilitation (Incorporating IPOP)

Amputee Rehabilitation (Incorporating IPOP)

Amputee Rehabilitation Painful Prosthesis The prosthetic socket Where all lower limb prostheses are concerned, whether: Above knee (trans femoral) Below knee (trans tibial) Ankle disarticulation (Symes) Through knee (knee disarticulation), or Hip disarticulation By far, the most important component is the prosthetic socket.   Because the prosthetic socket acts as the interface between the human body and […]

Through knee prosthetics

Through knee prosthetics

Introduction to Through Knee Amputations Roger Wolfson and Associates is a certified provider of prosthetic sockets designed to cater for the needs of through knee amputees. A through knee amputation, also referred to as the ‘Buchler Technique’, is a highly suitable surgical option where it pertains to a successful prosthetic outcome. With the correct prosthetic […]

Below knee prosthetics

below knee prosthetics

Introduction to below knee prosthetics An amputation, especially at any level below the knee, does not usually present a particularly disabling condition with the use of modern below knee prosthetics. Below knee amputees who are free from complicating medical problems can do most of the things they could do prior to amputation. Studies suggest that […]

Above knee prosthetics

Prostheses concerning above knee prosthetics consist of a custom-made socket combined with a supportive frame, knee unit, pylon, and foot. Sometimes a suspension sleeve or harness may also be necessary. The Prosthetic Knee System Of all prosthetic components that are concerned with above knee prosthetics, the knee system is arguably the most complex. It should […]

Through hip prosthetics

Introduction to through hip prosthetics For the trans femoral (including hip and knee disarticulation also known as through hip prosthetics) amputee, successful function depends on: The correct choice of knee relevant to age Health Activity levels and lifestyle             The latest technology or most advanced knee is not necessarily the […]

Breast Prosthetics

Roger Wolfson and Associates offers the widely acclaimed ANITA range of breast care products.B It comes as no surprise that, to a large extent, many women suffer from loss of self-esteem as a result of having undergone a mastectomy. Some women even feel ashamed of their appearance.  This need not be the case since, for […]