Supportive Protective Wrist Braces

A dynamic wrist brace is a wrist support and bracing used to support and protect the wrist due to minor injury.  Dynamic Wrist Braces are available in a full range of styles and sizes.

‘Backmate’ – Back Brace That Is ‘A Friend To Lean On’

Backmate is a back brace developed by Roger Wolfson, and known as ‘a friend to lean on’.  Backmate is a back and spinal brace that consists of a rigid frame designed to aid back pain sufferers who find difficulty when sitting in certain positions. For example, Backmate provides a greater degree of comfort when sitting at a desk or in a car. 

Medical wheelchairs

Roger Wolfson and Associates offers a full range of high-quality wheelchairs from leading industry suppliers.

Arch Supports

Roger Wolfson and Associates specialises in custom-made arch supports that cater for specific podiatric needs as well as ready-made heel raises with built-in arch supports.

Ankle and foot braces

Various types of ankle and foot braces (Ankle Foot Orthosis [AFO]) are available. 


Arm and Shoulder Braces

There are a number of arm and shoulder braces that cater for a variety of needs, including:

  • Post-operative
  • Immobilizing sling
  • Immobilizing sling lightweight
  • Econo sling


Elbow braces

Supportive and protective elbow braces are used to support and protect the elbow area of the arm due to minor injury.


Knee Braces

Knee braces and orthoses range from patella sleeves to protective braces. They are mainly used in sport and protect minor injuries from further damage which can result in injuries that need corrective surgery.

Back and spinal braces

Back and spinal braces provide post-surgery back support and correctional posture support.  Back and spinal braces are available off the shelf as well as custom-made.


Hip braces

  • A hip abduction orthosis or hip brace is used to treat hip dysplasia in infants (types IIa and IIb hips according to Graf).
  • When monitored by an experienced orthopedist at frequent intervals, a hip abduction orthosis can also be used in cases of instable or decentered hips (types IIc and IId according to Graf).


Knee braces used in motor sports

Popular amongst bikers, certain knee braces are worn to protect and support the knee against harsh jarring (strenuous bumping of the knee joints, tendons and ligaments) experienced during competitive bike racing.

JR OA Off-loader knee brace

The JR OA Off-loader knee brace was designed to cater for medical conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is usually caused by a lack of joint space. The JR OA Off-loader orthosis was designed to absorb the pressure from the painful part of the knee by loading the pressure to the good part of the injured knee. The JR OA Offloader orthosis helps to achieve normal functioning without pain and enables the removal of pain without the need for surgery.

Cervical neck braces

Protective supportive cervical neck braces are used to support the cervical area of the neck due to minor injury or surgery.

Cervical neck braces are suitable for elderly people and those with high lesion fractures and also people suffering from Sherman’s Disease.