…and always during the right season when they affect a lifetime…

“Thank you Doctor Roger.  Bless you and may you never grow weary of doing good for others.”

Born with a congenital femoral deficiency, 6 year old Asbonge now has a new lease on life and is well on his way to Walking comfortably with the aid of his new artificial limb

But, it wasn’t always like this.  Asbonge’s nurse, Mondi, reveals how this brave little boy was led to Roger.  It’s a touching tale involving a very special type of artificial limb that is attached to an existing limb and is similar to a through knee prosthetic but also fitted with a foot.  The complexity involved with congenital disorders often requires a completely customised solution when it involves an artificial limb.  Yet, as Asbonge grows, over time, with the aid of continuous technological development, so will his prosthetic, and even more so being part of the family at Roger Wolfson and Associates.

Karate class with Roger – Asbonge shows off some new moves

Says Mondi, Asbonge’s nurse:  “When I first saw Asbonge at his school I was touched.  It seemed as though the health department had failed him a number of times.  I followed up on his case and called his Mom who just kept saying how tired she was of going back and forth and being promised things that never came true.”


Asbonge with Terry Sharman: Lamination Technician at Roger Wolfson and Associates. Terry helps Roger create Asbonge’s new leg by carefully noting Asbonge’s movements

Brought to Roger via genuine synchronistic events

“She even went as far as KZN thinking she might get help but this never happened.  So I asked her if we could continue with our quest and not involve them.  Despite my having tried to engage them numerous times, no one was prepared to help.  Asbonge’s Mom agreed wholeheartedly.  It seemed as though Asbonge was brought to Roger via genuine synchronistic events.”Video Player00:0000:20Video Player00:0002:53

There is a reason

Mondi concludes:  “There’s a reason I met you through my Dad.  There’s a reason I became a nurse.  There’s a reason I was assigned to Asbonge’s school.  And there’s a reason I saw him that day.   There is a reason.  Thank you for your great work and continuous support.  Thank you Doctor Roger.  Bless you and may you never grow weary of doing good for others.”

Asbonge is Walking comfortably with this completely customised prosthetic leg involving a through knee prosthetic device with a foot

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