Silicone sleeve helps relieve blisters

Louis Hoffman

In 1984, due to a stroke, Louis Hoffman, now a pensioner, lost feeling on the right hand side of his body, and while suffering from diabetes and after eight bypass operations as well as four stents, subsequently had his right leg amputated below the knee.  In the featured image he is walking comfortably with his prosthetic leg and uses a silicone sleeve to relieve blisters.

Following many years of pain Louis gets the help he needs from Roger Wolfson

What a relief – silicone sleeve provides tremendous relief from blisters

I was suffering with severe blisters on the stump at one point. This is because I have no feeling in the stump and when the movement of the leg in the socket causes aggravation, I don’t feel it. Hence, the movement can lead to the formation of blisters. To counteract this problem, Roger then fitted a silicone sleeve over the stump which greatly alleviated the condition and for the past two and a half years the silicone sleeve has worked extremely well.”

Results that are completely beyond expectations

I can honestly say that over the years Roger has more than lived up to his initial promise. In fact, he has delivered results that are completely beyond expectations. Not only has he lived up to the promise of ensuring that I get to the point whereby I can walk properly, I am not only walking properly but Walking comfortably too. “

After the amputation, Louis initially sought help from another prosthetist, but, following the fitting of numerous initial prosthetics and after many years of still being unable to walk comfortably, in 2012 Louis realized that he could not continue in this manner and in his search for further opinions and assistance with his condition, contacted Roger Wolfson and made an appointment for a consultation with this dedicated expert.

Says Louis, also an ex retail specialist and clearly a confident man, “I had been battling to walk properly for a number of years. Nothing seemed to work. It was at that point, roughly six years ago, that I decided to contact Roger Wolfson. Prior to that I was with another prosthetist, yet, the techniques he used were less than satisfactory and I was still experiencing tremendous pain upon walking.

“ I will make you walk….. so that you can walk properly.’

Recalling his first experience with Roger, Louis excitedly exclaims. “When I first consulted with Roger, during our very first discussion while I was having my assessment, he said to me, ‘I will make you walk….. so that you can walk properly.’ Roger has since made me numerous new prosthetic legs over the past four to five years. The techniques involved mean that during the process of making each new prosthetic, Roger sometimes first works with a test socket before each new prosthetic is fitted. Thus far, I have been fitted with six proper legs and, including test sockets, 12 legs altogether. The process also includes cutting holes in the socket, which relieves pain.