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Through hip prosthetics

Introduction to Through Hip Prosthetics

For the trans femoral (including hip and knee disarticulation also known as through hip prosthetics) amputee, successful function depends on:

  • The correct choice of knee relevant to age
  • Health
  • Activity levels and lifestyle            

The latest technology or most advanced knee is not necessarily the best choice for everyone. For some amputees, safety and stability are more important than functional performance. Active amputees prefer a knee that will provide a higher level of function even if the knee requires greater control.

It is a fallacy that through hip prosthetics involve expensive technology. Rather, it’s about ensuring correct alignment. Through practical experience, Roger Wolfson has produced sufficient case study evidence to this this effect. However, a through hip amputation is not a regular procedure. For more information about the different types of prosthetic knee systems, see section on Above Knee Prosthetics.